It's FALL….So Let's Learn About The Seasons!

Calendar skills are a big part of our day… and with that we have been learning about seasons this week.  As we all know, summer is "finished" and now it is fall! My students struggle with this concept so we have watched a lot of you tube clips explaining the seasons as well as we completed this cute craft!!!!
My students worked HARD on this craft.  We made a cute craft that showed all four seasons and we talked about how the tree's change.  This was a cute craft I found on Pinterest… of course… my source for all art projects!

The tree's were copied and they were expected to label and fill in each tree for each season… the art tools we used were:
Fall: Q-tips and yellow, green and orange paint
Winter: cotton balls!
Spring: pink tissue paper
Summer: Green DOT markers!

Such a fun craft to help reinforce the concepts of season changes!

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