Learning CRITICAL personal information!

Okay, so let's face it, it's only natural that we learn our name, age, birthday, phone number and address.  It's only expected and ASSUMED that all kids learn this information naturally.  If only it were this easy for our kiddo's!  These are facts we must teach our kids to know, utilize and put to use.  It is something that is so crucial for kids for when they age and go into the community.  I decided to create interactive "about me" books that can be used to practice such skills.  

I chose to put mine in 3 ring binders.  You could simple use this as a cut and paste activity to use as a refresher if you don't intend to practice it often.  You can also send it home monthly as homework!

This is how I set up my All About Me books, of course you can adapt it to your student's needs!
The first page has their name, age and birthday.

The second page has gender, hair color and eye color.

The third page is their phone number.

The fourth page is their address.

The fifth page is school information.

The book I showed up above is for a high student that has not mastered all functional sight words.  That is why all of my pieces have picture paired with text.  I have one student who uses a dry erase marker to fill in the boxes on his/her own.  Every book is customized for each student.  Only my high performing student's have each page of the booklet (pictured above), while some only have the first page at this time. I also vary on how many pictures they choose from on each page. For some students, they have only the correct choices to choose from, while the higher students have a variety.  For some students who are just learning their phone number and address, I wrote the numbers with dry erase marker so that they can start by matching the pictures pieces to their book pages.  These books are so easy to adapt to every learner, and they are great to keep students engaged.  I like using interactive books because these books allow students to "see" the end to their task.  

You can purchase this All About Me Interactive Book in my TpT store if interested.  This is such a fun interactive way to practice this information.  Plus- it's a great skill for school AND home.  Parents will love to see their child mastering this skill!  Purchase it HERE.

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