Sensory Bottles

Today we had a lot of fun! We made some sensory bottles!  I always see these on Pinterest and think how great they would be for my class.. yet I never actually make them! Let me tell you… take the five minutes and MAKE THEM! Your students/children will love them :)

Here are some pictures of before shaken and after shaken!

The red bottle is simply half water and half baby oil! Use some food coloring to die the water FIRST.  Then, once you have the color you want, add baby oil!  This makes it look like a lava lamp! It looks much cooler in person, as it was hard to capture on my camera phone!  Here is what I used!

 For the purple/pink bottle, all it is is water and glitter! I let my students pick the glitter and we added a bunch.  After about an hour, the glitter dyed the water.  I am not sure if this will happen with all glitter, so you may want to add food dye to it.  For us, the glitter was magic enough! This is just a cheap glitter pack from Lakeshore!

NOW FOR THE IMPORTANT PART! Be sure to use crazy glue, super glue or gorilla glue to clue the cap on.  We all know our kiddo's, and we know how much fun it would be to open the bottle to look inside… hahaha.. . NOT a good idea! I even took it another step further and used duck tape to cover the bottle.  My theory…. out of sight… out of mind!


  1. I use a hot glue gun to seal the caps on. Try using some white syrup instead of baby oil.

  2. How did you facilitate making them with the class?