September Apples!

With peanut butter you get jelly, with green eggs you get ham, and with September you get APPLES!  Yes, apples upon apples.  I wanted to share with you two of the crafts we have done so far this year.  While they are fun arts and crafts, they still serve an academic purpose!

The first craft we did on the first day of school.  We read a story, observed some real apples and did some taste testing.  Each kiddo got to try a green apple slice, red and yellow!  With this we were able to practice functional communication skills as well as our color identification.  Wee practiced describing apples too!  Following our taste testing we did this craft.  First they had to color the apple, write/trace the word, and then fill it with tissue.  It was a simple yet fun follow up activity to our taste testing!

Our other activity we did was this fun “parts of an apple” craft.  I had a sample displayed on my projector and each child had to clue all their pre-cut pieces to make it look like the apple on display.  We then labeled each part.  We found a few cute video’s on you tube that described the life cycle of the apple.

Aren’t these cute?!?!?!?

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