The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

The last two weeks have been so much fun! The first week of school is always more fun then work!  We did a lot of fun activities with The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  We read it every day in different situations so that my students could master the comprehension!  I love these comprehension questions with visual multiple choice answers because they allow my students to fully participate in the comprehension activities!  You can buy them in my book bundle!

One of the big skills we work on in my class for reading comprehension is sequencing skills.  My students did this simple worksheet to sequence the food the caterpillar ate in the story.  This was fun, and I changed it up this year.  Rather than do the activity while reading the story, I did it while watching an animated version of the story on our projector.  By this point, we had already read the story 3 times!  My students are visual learners and LOVED watching the story on the "big screen"

Here are a few links on youtube that have GREAT version of the story to watch! It is a great reinforcement activity after reading the story :)

Yesterday during art, we made our OWN caterpillar to put up on our reading wall.  I found this craft on Pinterest and thought we'd try it!  I displayed the sample I found from online on my projector and used it as a sample!  For my higher students, I gave them all the paints and had them just GO from looking a the sample.  For my students that needed more support, we started with the sun, then did the caterpillar and finished off with the classic "ERIC CARLE" polkadot floor!  I think these turned out SUPER cute and definitely recommend you doing it with your class.  It was a fun way to practice colors, fine motors and following directions!

If your interested in more activities designed for students with special needs for this book, check out this bundle for sale in my store! It's a great resource you can re-use year after year!  Click here to read more about the various activities :)

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  1. I've been looking for this bundle on TpT, but haven't been able to locate it. Is it still available?