Okay, so I caught myself saying "be quiet" or "too loud" about a million times yesterday.  I kid you not, I probably said it over 100 times.  I went home last night and literally laid in bed thinking… how am I going to make this work for the next two years?  For some reason, I never considered making an individualized visual for him.  I am guilty of my biggest pet peeve.  GUILTY.  He is new to my class this year and brilliant.  He is years above my students cognitively and I wrongfully assumed that because he was so smart he wouldn't need behavioral supports.  WRONG! Any who  I'm happy to report that with just one day of using the support, the sound levels went down DRASTICALLY!

This visual was created to provide visual support to students who have difficulties regulating their volumes and voices throughout the school day. This is a SIMPLE visual that can be printed, cut, laminated and assembled with velcro. This can be either attached to the student's desk or printed on cardstock for durable mobility!

quiet voice
no talking

The gray columns on the left is where I place 1 star to mark what level the child is expected to be at. For example, during silent reading I place the star next to the green "no talking" visual. During play time I place the star next to the blue "quiet voice" visual. We want to teach our kids when and where to use our quiet voices. The yellow  columns to the right of the visuals is where I move the "you" or "me" icon up and down to show the child where they are at that moment.
I chose to do "you" and "me" icons because this may depend on whether you are teaching your students to regualte their voice themselves or if you plan to move it up and down yourself.

Also included in this bundle are three flashcards represnting the different levels. I did this to provide a non-verbal prompt to the students when they are being too noisy. I find it unaffective to yell over an already loud student!

Lastly, I have included a large version that can be printed, cut, laminated and assembled in front of the classroom!

If your interested in implementing the visual in your room, you can purchase it HERE.


  1. This is a great idea for students, but especially for special education classrooms! I will have to save this idea when I start teaching!

  2. I am currently a student studying special education. I love this idea! I will have to save this for when I am teaching.