Daily Math Practice- Level 3 (Addition with Visuals)

I created a "Daily Math Practice" curriculum that provides daily practice on each skill.  Each skill is sold as a "level" in my teachers pay teacher's store.  Each level provides 180 worksheets targeting the same skill.  Each worksheet is double sided.  Each worksheet is presented in a clear format with large font.  The pages are repetitive to build independence for each child.  The worksheets are created with large font and enough space to minimize distractions.  The curriculum is designed so that there is one worksheet for each day for an entire school year.

Here is a preview of Level 3- which targets the skills of adding 2 numbers up to 20 with visual supports.  I designed this addition curriculum because, for me and my students, the gap of counting quantities to addition is quite daunting.  I like to use the visuals with addition to teach the students the concept of addition, adding two numbers together.  I have been very successful with this method in my classroom.  Once they master this, we work on memorizing math facts and jumping to addition math facts using a number line which will be introduced in Level 5 of my curriculum!

Here is the front of the worksheet:

Here is the back of the worksheet:

Along with 180 daily practice worksheets, anchor charts are also included.  These anchor charts are designed to be used as visual supports for the students.  Here is the math Anchor Chart wall I have posted in my classroom.

Here is the anchor chart from Level 3 Daily Math Practice

I teach math in a small group during my morning rotations.  I organize my student's worksheets in individual student math folders.  I make copies for one month at a time and store in each folder! It's SO simple, no prep and my students are being challenged more than they ever have been before.

On the inside of the folder I have a "to do" and a "finished" side.  This way we can keep the worksheets organized so that at the end of the month the work can be sent home for parents to review!

The absolutely best part of this curriculum is that it is paired with the writing through the year curriculum I also designed.  Each day is labeled in the top right corner with a "day 19" label.  Every day matches the math and writing curriculum, no matter what level it is.  For example, Day 1: students write a sentence, "The apple is red." while for math, they color apples, they count apples, they add apples, and they subtract apples.  Click here to read more about my writing curriculum.  

If interested in purchasing Daily Math Practice- Level 3, click HERE!

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  1. I love you blog! I work in a k-2 autism room and can't wait to do these rotations next year. I have a question though. Say your student is mastering a packet for instance the addition math bundle, do you countinue them on that packet for the rest of the year or do you move on to the next level mid year? Or do you continue on and introduce other concepts on the side?