Healthy Eating. ORG

Building A Healthy Me! This is a GREAT FREE resource for California Teachers.  Click (HERE) to order it! is a wonderful resource.  The program provides curriculum for grades K-12 as well as many online resources.  I was able to call and get all of these materials sent to me for free.  I order it every year, and we typically spend about a month on it!  I chose to order the Kindergarten curriculum this year as it would allow my students to complete a lot of the activities on their own.

So what's included?

A teacher's manual
Student Workbooks

POSTERS! (I laminated them after I took these pictures…)

My FAVORITE part of the free curriculum is the food pictures.  It comes in a handy dandy box organizer with food group folders.

As you pull one folder out, there are a TON of pictures.  This is great to build vocabulary for our students.

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