math MATH math & MORE MATH!

Math is SUCH a complex subject to teach to any child.  When you add in sensory processing disorders, speech and language delays, visual impairments and outright behaviors, it makes math THAT much more complex.  For years, I was creating my own worksheets and supplementing every curriculum there is out there.  For my students, they do not progress at the same rate as their same grade peers.  This made it difficult for me to find enough worksheets to provide them the practice over and over again for them to master any one skill.  Most store curriculums only provide 20 pages of practice on one skill before it gets more challenging.  This does NOT work for my students, as some students may be working on the same skill for 6 months, or 2 years.

With that, I have created my own Daily Math Yearly Curriculum


This Daily Math Practice is designed for students with special needs and Autism. It is sold separately by "levels" as we all know that every special ed classroom has a wide range of abilities.  Each "level" has 180 days of practice pages (double sided) and also has anchor charts to support student learning.  These anchor charts can be used as a reference for students when completing their daily math worksheet. Lastly, also included are sample IEP goals that can be used when creating student IEP goals. The IEP goals are created using these worksheets.

Using this curriculum will create consistency within your classroom which will promote independence and success for your students with autism and special needs. Each worksheet is designed using a simple clutter free format to minimize distractions. Each side of the worksheet has only a few problems and the fonts are large print. 

Levels posted so far:
Level 4- Subtraction with visuals


  1. Do you have any hints on teaching borrowing to students with autism? Thanks!

  2. Yeah!!! Maths is really a complex subject to learn for anybody. But there is so many apps available to make this too easy. I always use it for my child who is autistic. Recently i bought a nice app, called iLearnNEearn at discounted price. I have research and then purchased it. Take a look here :