October Sequencing Activity- Big Pumpkin

We do our "Thinking Map" activity each month.  Our district has been a big supporter of thinking maps and I have to say, so am I! I love using thinning maps to help build comprehension skills for my kiddo's.  We especially love the bubble map, flow map and tree map!  This month, we sequenced the story, Big Pumpkin by Erica Silverman!

As a class we sequenced the order the characters were introduced in the story.  We found some video's on you tube to integrate technology after  we read the story.  Here are a few of the video's we watched:



Here is a sample from our sequencing activity:

After that, each student had to write a paragraph re-telling the story.  We had some students trace, some students write, and some students type!


This is part of my Big Pumpkin- Book of the Month Bundle!

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