What Chore is Matthew Doing? A fun interactive book!

Do you use adapted books in your classroom? I SURE do, and my kiddo's love them.  They are teacher tested and student approved.  They are a fun way to test comprehension and build vocabulary!  Check out my kiddo doing this DURING FREE TIME.  Yes, he chose to do this as his reward…. melts my heart :)

I keep all my adapted books organized in a book shelf behind the reading center.  While we typically focus on sight words, phonemics and IEP goals at this center, I like to mix in adapted books.  Sometimes if I am preoccupied with a behavior or another student, I will have a student do this as it is typically a "simpler" task then what I usually prepare for the reading center.  I also will use adapted books as a time filler after they finish their other task.  And of course, sometimes, we just do adapted books!!  Click HERE to read more about my "What Chore is Matthew Doing" Adapted book!

This is one of my favorite adapted books, as it is one of my newer ones.  I love the format of having a sentence strip attached to the bottom!

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