Thanksgiving Special Educators Blog Hop!

I am SOOO SOOO SOOO very thankful for all of the bloggers I have networked over the past year.  I am very excited to announce that I am participating in this years Thanksgiving Special Educators Blog Hop!  


Time To Get Ready For December!

Okay, seriously, this school year is just FLYING by!  Here I am pulling out all my December decorations for my classroom already.  Crazy how time flies.  With that being said, I like to maximize the most of our 2 1/2 short weeks in December.  We learn about all of the different holidays in December and get craft happy!  I will be sharing my December plans this week and next.  

First off- FOLLOW my December Pinterest Board!
Here is where I find ALL of my craft ideas for the month.  I also find a lot of great learning activities and games for the month! Oh and free printable worksheets too!  Click on the image below to check out my December Board!


Monday Motivator- Thankful for Bloggers!

I'm so excited for Black Friday! Shopping, friendly sports competitions with my family, leftovers and OF COURSE OUR SPED TEACHERS BLOG HOP!!!

Be sure to check back in to my blog this Friday, (black friday) to join me and 24 other SPED Bloggers in a fun festive Blog Hop.  We will each be hosting a Freebie and a Tip! Lucky you :)

We are THANKFUL for you!

….see you Friday!


When to Restrain A Child

**Restraining a child in the school setting should only be done if the child is an immediate danger to themselves or to others around them*****


Learning About Thanksgiving!

For the past few years I have struggled to "teach" my students about holidays.  It's hard for them to understand why sometimes we have no school, or parties or different celebrations.  Often times it is expected that students just know and just understand  what holidays are.  To help teach those kids I decided to create social stories for each HOLIDAY to help teach the concept.

For the month of November I created two holiday social stories.  

The first one is "Thanksgiving Dinner"

The second one is "Giving Thanks."

You can purchase the bundle of holiday social stories HERE.


Storing Those Little Gadgets!

I have been blogging A LOT about sensory diets and different interventions.  For the past few years I have really struggled with keeping and maintaining all these cheap gadgets I would find.  Dollar tree and Target Dollar spot are a favorite of mine.  I find all these tweaky toys that can be used as fidgets.  I get all excited, I bring them to school, and then BAM- their gone! And then weeks later I find them in random spots of the room.  They get put back with the art supplies, or in the puppet container, or in a book box, in the toy cabinet, behind a shelf etc.  These gadgets were never organized in a good manner.  It was something I knew I had to set up, but never did!  Finally- I did it….. and it is simple :)


Monday Motivator

We've all been there.  We've all had those days.  Some days are harder than others.  Keep pushing through!


A Loaded Question From a Follower = A Great Blog Post!

Happy Thursday to my LOYAL followers.  Today's blog post is a question/answer session I had with one of my followers from Facebook.  As always- I love and welcome all questions.  I decided to turn her questions into a blog post to provide any clarification to all of my readers.  Her questions are in BLUE and my answers are in BLACK!  ENJOY :)



So today we watched a few cute video's on you tube to learn about pilgrims.  We then made this ADORABLE craft :)  Love it!


Sensory Toys on a Budget!

Okay- so we all know Sensory is important for a Special Education Classroom.  But not all schools are lucky to just be given all of the materials needed.  I use Donor's Choose and local grants to fund most of my stuff.  And of course- my own paycheck for the little things.  Sensory toys and equipment can be expensive…. like insanely expensive if you look at the special education catalogues.    

So here's a little tip.  Look through those catalogues and see what you like.  Then find it online cheaper…my go to place?  Amazon!  Read below to find the links to some great things I have bought :)


Sensory Diet's in the Classroom

Sensory diets are pretty much what they sound like.  Sensory diets are designed to meet a child or anyone’s individual sensory needs.  While I’m not an occupational therapist, or expert by any means, I’ve done a lot research, experimentation and trial end error in the area of sensory diets.  I am in FULL BELIEF that if you have your students sensory needs in full balance- your life will be SO much easier.  And of course… I'm still learning and always evolving how to best meet my students needs.

Sensory diets are a simple planned sensory routine that is embedded within their normal routine.  So how do we set up sensory diets in our classroom to set up our students for success?


Wiggle Worms, Bouncing Beans and Tapping Tigers

Wiggle worms, bouncing beans and tapping tigers. That’s what I use to call my kids when their driving me nuts!  We all have these kiddo’s, the ones that have ants in their pants all day!  How do we make it work in our classroom?  I have an answer for you…. Sensory Diets!  

But first off, we must understand what Sensory Processing disorders are?Simply put (in teacher terms…), sensory processing disorder is a condition that affects the way a person responds to different things within the environment.  Their brain is unable to process their surroundings appropriately.  Let me give you some examples in the school setting that may affect a child with sensory processing disorder: loud bells, crowded hallways, bright lights, smelly food, gooey art supplies.

Click on the image to read more:


To Hug or Not To Hug…. That is the Question!

Okay, so the purpose of this post is summed up in the title.  While it might sound like a joke, in all seriousness, I open this up for a debate.  Do you give hugs at school?  If not, why not?


Monday Motivator

OH Darn… It's Monday….

Don't worry