Storing Those Little Gadgets!

I have been blogging A LOT about sensory diets and different interventions.  For the past few years I have really struggled with keeping and maintaining all these cheap gadgets I would find.  Dollar tree and Target Dollar spot are a favorite of mine.  I find all these tweaky toys that can be used as fidgets.  I get all excited, I bring them to school, and then BAM- their gone! And then weeks later I find them in random spots of the room.  They get put back with the art supplies, or in the puppet container, or in a book box, in the toy cabinet, behind a shelf etc.  These gadgets were never organized in a good manner.  It was something I knew I had to set up, but never did!  Finally- I did it….. and it is simple :)

I recycled an old three bin drawer.  I am keeping it in the front of the room by my laptop and projector. I decided to put it here because myself and my staff always have an eye on this area to make sure no interested kids are playing with cords and expensive technology.  I also wanted to make sure no sneaky kiddo's steal any of my gadgets when not needed or allowed.

I labeled each drawer so that staff and students know where to find the belongings!

Click HERE to find links to various sensory toys I found for a good deal online!


  1. This is something that I need to do for my classroom. It seems like my staff and I are always looking for a fidget or item for a kid that is having an issue. Thanks for all the good tips!

  2. I have been struggling with the same issue, my solution was 3 over the door shoe holders with clear pockets. I hung these on my wall in my former (now my office) sensory room. So everything is visible to my staff to grab and go use but behind a locked door out of reach from little hands and browsing eyes that like to find things to avoid their work.