Time To Get Ready For December!

Okay, seriously, this school year is just FLYING by!  Here I am pulling out all my December decorations for my classroom already.  Crazy how time flies.  With that being said, I like to maximize the most of our 2 1/2 short weeks in December.  We learn about all of the different holidays in December and get craft happy!  I will be sharing my December plans this week and next.  

First off- FOLLOW my December Pinterest Board!
Here is where I find ALL of my craft ideas for the month.  I also find a lot of great learning activities and games for the month! Oh and free printable worksheets too!  Click on the image below to check out my December Board!

I have 39 boards as of now on Pinterest.  I organize it by months, themes, subjects.  Pinterst is a great place to find "refreshing" ideas for your old boring routine.  Please follow my Pinterest account to see what I'm pinning.  I'd also love to follow YOU to see what you are finding out there as well!!!!

Click on the image below to the taken to my Pinterest page.  Click on the red "follow" button on the top right of the page to get alerts in all my new findings!  Pinterst may be my new best friend… no judgement here please!

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