Adapting Math Worksheets!

I am in absolute love with my Math curriculum.  My students are becoming SO independent during math rotations it almost brings a tear to my eye.  The consistency of my curriculum is allowing them to work through the problems on their own.  They are getting daily practice on the same skill and they are maximizing their time.  They are not "confused" when presented with a different format worksheet, even if it is the same skill they worked on the day before.

My favorite level so far is my Level 2 Math- Counting Quantities.  Counting worksheets was the hardest for me to find, as they were usually too busy or cluttered for my students.  I have two students that get distracted easily.  They also get overwhelmed with too many problems on a page.  For these students I created construction paper cut outs.  It's SUPER easy to use and you can store them right in your students math folders.  Once I created these, one of my students success rate sky rocketed.  By reducing the worksheet to one page at a time, he was able to correctly count quantities to 14.

Interested in my Math Curriculum?  Check out the Levels I have posted so far! Click on the images below!




  1. Do you use manipulatives with yours, or is that a different time of the day than when you use these?

    1. Depending on the child I do. Some kids benefit from manipulatives!