Decorating for the Seasons!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS From Room 83!!!!
Here are some of our decorations we put up.  I put up christmas lights on our bulletin board holiday tree as well as christmas lights around our white board.  The students LOVE the lights.  They "work for" the lights to be turned on.  If our class is getting to crazy or hyper, the lights go off.  It's a great motivator.  During rest time after lunch we turn off the classroom lights and only leave on the holiday lights.  They LOVE it :)

 I decorate my room each month to keep things excited in the classroom.  I also like to motivate the students with the decorations as well.  They seem to really love to participate in planning on where to put things etc.

Now- How do I store all of this?  I am an efficient packer.  I have a big tub for two months.  I label the tubs and stuff all of the random decorations and random academic things that don't fit other places.  I store my seasonal books, adapted books and social stories in a file cabinet.  

I put these tubs on top of two big cabinets so they are out of reach and not in the way.  

I hope you guys are getting in the spirt of the holidays too!

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