Peek-A-Boo Where is Cupid?

It's almost that time… February! My february adapted book is posted!  Check out my Peek-A-Boo Where is Cupid Adapted Book?  I love this cute book!


Monday Motivator!


A fun way to practice Emotions!

Today during work centers one of my aides practiced identifying emotions with my kiddos.  It was a nice change of pace as it was ALL fun for my kids.

I used these fun face masks that I bought from Oriental Trading Company!  It comes with 12 sets of eyes and 12 sets of mouths!

The kids got to pick eyes or a mouth and then point to the matching emotion on the poster.  Another game we played was one student would pick the mouth and the other kids had to pick the eyes that matched!

This was a super simple work center yet a fun an IMPORTANT skill to practice!


Using a Projector during Morning Meeting!

Okay…. I'm guessing half of you read my blog post title and thought to themselves, "I wish I had a projector."  Yes! I FINALLY got one :)  Every teacher at my school got one and I am BEYOND excited to incorporate it into our already exhausted daily routines.  I have had it for about a week and have already found so many great uses!  Here is just ONE of the ways I use it during morning meeting!

Monday Motivator

Have I told you that I am almost DONE completing my AAC Certificate program!??? I am so excited, I am one class and one case study away from being done!

I wanted to share with you my favorite AAC video.  I really do believe all educators, parents and service staff should watch this video.  It is long, about an hour, but please find the time to watch it.  It is truly heartfelt video showing a few adults with an AAC device and the lives they live.



Snooks and Papacito!

I have to take today to say "I Love You" to my two most loyal blog readers.  My biggest fans…


I love You


How To Build A Snowman Writing Activity

I love working on whole class writing activities.  Today, we worked on building a snowman.  For the whole month of January we have been discussing the body parts of a snowman and how to build one.  I created this bubble map activity so that students could add and remove velcro pieces as we discuss the parts of a snowman.

I tried to be crafty here….. as you can see I made a snowman using felt! This is a super fun activity that my kids absolutely love.  They get to build a snowman piece by piece!


January Activities!

Every month, I like to try new crafts.  Because I have the same kids for a few years, I need to re-create the wheel every year.  This sometimes can be quiet tough.  Thats when I look to PINTEREST for some new idea's! Here is my pinterest board for January! Click the image below to see what I have pinned so far.  Be sure to check back as I continue to add to it throughout the year!

Also in January, I like to pull out my prepositions adapted book.  I use my "Peek-A-Boo Where is the Penguin" adapted book throughout January.  Grab it in my TpT store for a simple adapted book!


"The Mitten" By Jan Brett Activities!

One of my favorite winter stories is "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.  I love the winter vocabulary that is introduced throughout the story.  The story is written in a predictable format that is great for my kiddos!

January Vocabulary Unit!

I am excited to share with you my newest Monthly Vocabulary bundle!  Here is my January Unit!

Monday Motivator!- I'm Back!

Today we return back to work after a lovely 2 1/2 week vacation.  My vacation was filled with friends, family and loved ones.  It was a great mini vacation away from work and I am recharged and ready to handle anything!  I hope you all have had a smooth transition back to work!  I wanted to share with you my 2014 resolutions!

What are your resolutions!?


Happy New Year- 2013's Most Popular Posts!

Happy New Year's.... Cheers to 2014!

I would like to recap the year by sharing some of my 10 most popular posts from this past year.  This will give my new followers a chance to check out what they have missed!!!!  Also- this list shocked me! Maybe it's good to take a look to see what my reader's like the most!!!

For 2013... here are the top 10 most read posts!

4.  IEP Tubs