Beginning Typers!

So, do you work on typing in your class?  I do... a lot! For some of my students I feel that typing is a more appropriate means for writing.  For some reason, the "space bar" is always a tricky one.  For my students that are learning to type simple sentences or even typing a few sight words, they always get confused on what to do when they finish the word.  

I added stickers to ALL of my keyboards in my classroom.  This way when we are typing they can remember to find the "star" or "happy face" or "soccer ball" in between the words! This has made a HUGE improvement in my students learning to type independently!

Try it out :)


Speed Writing- Changing it up!

So, I don't know about you, but I know my kids get bored of the same time every day.   While students with autism need routine and structure within their day, it is okay to change up the activities within the structured work center to add some excitement! So today we changed up our writing center, and we had a BLAST!


What is Matthew Doing? Adapted Book for Students with Special Needs

Ah ha! Here is my new adapted book!  This is a fun one… I used my brother as a real life model! I needed to create some materials to re-enforce some of my vocational and life-skill lessons within my classroom.  This book helps identify different common household chores. Here is a preview to my newest product!



Earth Day!

Okay, okay… yes… ANOTHER pinterest activity! I found this cute craft and my kids made their own version today.  We had a lot of fun talking about keeping our earth clean.  We started with cleaning our desks, then the classroom, then the campus.  We worked on instilling pride in keeping our environment clean! The kids had fun making our campus "fancy!"  Each student had a general ed buddy help clean the campus.  It was a great way of building communication skills while making the world a better place!  This is a great way to being our recycling unit that will be starting in a few weeks! I know we are going to have a lot of fun!  Check out our craft!!!

The Poem Reads:
Every Day is Earth Day
If it's cold or hot or wet
Pitch in to save our planet,
it's the only one we got!
"Tracing" Version

"Independent" Version!


Monday Motivator- A Little Hiatus!

Okay, so I'm back! I took a little hiatus from my "Room 83" world and I don't regret it!  Life just gets SO busy that I had to step back and put my blog on the back burner.  Wedding planning, graduate school, planning a big move, working full time in addition to my social life was just TOO much! I saw this quote a few weeks back on Pinterest and LOVED it.  And you know what I said… YOU ARE RIGHT PINTEREST! I made an appointment for a massage the next day and am trying to do a little better of a job balancing everything.

And of course… with sick family members and hard times right now, this quote meant a lot.

I'm happy to be back :) Be sure to come back this week for some great blog posts!!!


Peek- A- Boo Where is the Easter Bunny? Adapted Book for Students with Autism

I love my adapted books as you know! Here is my adapted book for April.  We work on prepositions and finding the Easter Bunny… my kids have been loving it :)  This is a great book for students with autism and special needs.  Using board maker images they get the scripted and repetitive format to build this important skill.

Individualized Behavior Tools!

Okay.. so I hope this post helps me relate to each and every one of you.  I have been a little M.I.A. from my blog for a few weeks.  Simply put, I am overwhelmed.  I have a lot going on with my family, and I have a student who is just progressively getting more and more dangerous with his behaviors.  These behaviors start first thing in the morning and continue until we get him on the bus in the afternoon.  

To help… I made this simple RULE sheet that is carried around by his 1:1 aide.  Under the rules are the daily behavior data sheets where my aide takes data.

April Vocabulary Unit!


april fools! Okay.. sorry… I had to do that :)  On to the real stuff, today I am sharing my next monthly vocabulary unit… APRIL! This month we are focusing on Easter, "april showers," and the cycle of a butterfly! Read on to see whats included!