Summer Series- PECS communication

Day 10!- PECS Book time.  I am sharing a post about one of my best selling products.  Please, keep in mind that this PECS book is for a student who has already started with a basic PECS book and is ready for an unlimited vocabulary.  A book of this size would be too large for a student who is just beginning to learn that pictures have meaning.  I plan to make beginner levels in the future (if I ever finish this wedding of mine… LOL!)

Summer Series- Social Stories… who benefits?

Day 9- Social Stories.  These are my ROCKS in my classroom.  Serioiusly… theres an issue arising in my classroom, what do I do? I make a social story! Read on about Social Stories and how they benefit any classroom!

Summer Series- TEACCH Systems


Summer Series- Favorite Worksheet Website!

I can't believe I have not shared one of my favorite websites with you guys yet! This website is ABSOLUTELY great for handwriting worksheets.  I LOVE it and it's free :)

Summer Series- Calendar Time

Day 6- Calendar Routine!

Summer Series- SpEd Blog Hop!

Day 5! I decided to join Tales of a Carolina Girl's blog hop.  She is hosting a great blog hop linking up special educators sharing advice for new teachers for the new school year.  I thought this was a perfect fit for my summer series :)

Join the Blog Hop HERE!


Summer Series- Organizing PECs

Day 4: Organizing PEC's tip! LIFE SAVERR!!!!!!!!!

Summer Series- Sensory Transitions

Day 3- Summer Series! One simple bin can make transitioning a fun smooth activity! Read below about how I use sensory objects to transition students outside of my classroom!


Summer Series- Positive Reinforcement Behavior Management Tools

Day 2- Summer Series! I wanted to continue in the area of behavior management.  My Calm Down Kit is my go-to visual set to manage behaviors.  I also utilize working cards on an individualized basis for those students that benefit from that "extra special attention."  By simply printing this bundle, laminating, velcroing and stashing away will save you BIG next year.  Trust me, having these already made will help you when you are in a bind when you lease expect it!


Summer Series- Calm Down Kit

The Autism Adventures of Room 83 has been through quite a journey these last few years.  I am getting SO many valuable emails, messages, comments and likes.  The feedback I have received has been so constructive and has allowed me to create better products, develop better blog posts and facilitate great follower conversations.   With that being said, I am getting so many questions about topics on which I have already blogged about.  Over these next few weeks, I am re-posting some old blog posts and editing them to answer any/all questions that I have received about these topics! Be sure to email me any questions and I'll try to answer in the form of a blog post!  With that being said, I decided to start with a post about my Calm Down Kit.  The most common question I get is asking how I manage those challenging behaviors!