Adapting Writing for Students With Writing

Writing is by far the most challenging subject in my classroom.  For some reason- when it comes to a pencil and a paper it instantly becomes a dreaded task for my kiddo's.  I developed my own writing curriculum that has helped reduce the resistance to writing for most of my students.  IT is leveled and simple for my students to make progress at their own rate.  

However- for a few of my kiddo's I needed to design individualized worksheets for them!

For one student- she is working on writing her name.  I am having her work on capital letters first.  Once she masters the straight lines we will introduce the curved lines of the lower case letters.  She was having a challenging time knowing where to start.  Once she started she also struggled on knowing when to stop.  For her- I created these worksheets that have a start and stop visual.

Start on the star.
Stop on the happy face.

"Star to happy face"

To make these worksheets it's simple! In micorsoft word find the most simple font.  Type the letters you are working on and print it in light blue.  (light blue copies in to gray WAY better on a big copy machine than gray does…i know…it's weird).  For your master copy- draw starts and happy faces on each line to represent starting and stopping points.  Than it's simple- run off SEVERAL copies!  I made packets by her name so that she could take the packet home each time she finished her name!

Because I didn't want to waste so much paper I also created dry erase versions.  She does about one packet a week and she also practices on these goodies here:

Remember- not everything can work for each child in your classroom.  It's important to individualize for each child when appropriate. 

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