Groundhog's Day Social Story

HOW do you teach Groundhog's day to a child who takes EVERYTHING SO LITERAL.  A shadow predicts the seasons?  A shadow?

Well I created a visual social story to explain the holiday and the tradition of Groundhogs day.
I made this social story for one particular kiddo in mind.  He loves to be my "weather man" during our calendar routine.  He loves seasons, temperatures and weather.  So I thought that he would be OH SO excited for this holiday.  Well- last year, he wasn't.  We actually had a meltdown over a groundhog.  So to prepare for a better holiday this year, I will do a lot more TEACHING of the holiday rather than the telling.  To start- I'll read this social story!

Here are a few previews of the social story that is available in my TpT store!

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