January Vocabulary Unit

Oh my gosh, it's January!  It's 2015!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is my January Unit!
Like my other units, the bundle is based around 20 vocabulary words for the month.  Included is a refrigerator copy of the words that can be sent home at the beginning of the month.  It comes in black and white as well as color!
For the vocabulary words, I provided the words in three different formats.  
-Picture word format with the picture being larger
-Picture word format with the picture and word equal sizes
-word format

In this bundle I always include a BINGO game.  Bingo is the best way for my kids to practice their vocabulary.  This bundle is provide 20 different bingo cards so that students have plenty to choose from!

I also include file folder games (2) and different vocabulary worksheets as well a a coloring book! I like having different activities for the kids to fill down time in the classroom!

File Folder Game:

Worksheet Sample:

This bundle is for sale in my TPT store! Grab it and use it the whole month of January.  It is a great way to supplement your instruction :)

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