Kinetic Sand

I have a new favorite toy.  Have you ever played with kinetic sand?  It's not play doh, it's not moon sand, it's KINETIC SAND!  It's like a wet moist sand that is clean and easy to clean up.  If it spills on the carpet- you can pick it up!  It's not like play doh that gets smashed in the carpet and then it's gone forever!

Check it out- you can buy it on amazon HERE

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  1. This stuff is awesome! Everyone in the house is addicted to it! As soon as I opened it, everyone had their hands in it and couldn't stop. This is good for all ages! I bought it mostly for myself, and I am 22 years old; however, the three children I'm caretaker for are 11, 13, and 15, and all of them love playing with it. Their 40-something parents also love it!