Martin Luther King Day Craft

How do you address holidays in your classroom?  I try to make it a History lesson for the most part.  We talk about the day, how we celebrate it, why we celebrate it and what it means.  Martin Luther King Day is no exception to that!  However- it's a tough one to teach.  
I introduced the concept with a social story about the holiday.  This was a great introductory tool.  I then followed it up with a few video's I found on you tube. Here are the links I found useful for my bunch this year:

We then followed it up with a fun craft.  We made little Martin Luther King Jr's!  They turned out pretty cute if I say so myself!

I also wanted to let the kids play with water colors.  I found this cute free printable frame HERE.  Go ahead and print it out!  I then let the kiddo's rainbow watercolor paint the hand of the printable freebie.

Interested in the social story I created?  Click HERE to check it out!

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