Winter Crafts!

Winter is a fun season because it lends itself to such amazing crafts in our classroom.  I wanted to share a few that I found on pinterest that turned out successfully in my classroom!

First craft is a q-tip painting snowman!

I had the circles pre cut and penciled snowman drawn.  This provided the visuals they needed to fill in the circles with white- arms with brown- hat with black and so on.

It was a HUGE sensory mess and we loved it!!!!!

This little girl was SUPER excited to show everyone her craft.  She ran around saying "look- a snowman!"

We also made some penguins that turned out pretty darn cute!  All the shapes were pre cut for the students and they had to assemble them like a puzzle to look like the sample.  

Students decorated the penguins belly using textured stamps and ink! It was super fun!

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