February SPED Blog Hop!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I am SUPER excited to be today's blogger giving away a FABULOUS freebie! Wohoooo! 28 of us joined forces to bring you a month's worth of sweet treats! Be sure to check out the calendar at the bottom to see who else is joining in the fun
I wanted to create something new for you guys to give away on this sweet valentine's day.  I've been working really hard with my staff to get this sweet girl potty trained.  We are using her favorite things to motivate her and IT'S WORKING!


Now she's made her next choice.  A strawberry frappacino! This girl is MOTIVATED!

I designed this bathroom incentive chart into a product that can be used in YOUR classroom!

Toilet Training is a HUGE task.  It is also a huge milestone 
achievement for any student, staff member or parent.  I have 
found that sometimes it can seem to be a near impossible task.  
I have created these incentive charts to motiavte children
to become successful in using the restroom.  

This bundle has 3 different color options in each template: blue, pink and black/white!
There are 10 different templates to promote growth in potty training.  Starting with 1 trip to the bathroom increasing all the way to 10 trips!

Simply print, laminate and attach velcro to the reinforcement 
square.  Using a dry erase marker cross off each toilet 
when the child successfully uses the toilet.  Earn enough- 
reward with a highly moviating reward!  Start with one of the
smaller charts.  Start with 1 or 2 toilets first to earn a reward.
Set the child up for success.  Gradually increase the amount
of times they must be successful to earn their reward!

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