Matching File Folder Tasks

Matching is SUCH an important skill for my lower group to master.  It takes a lot of practice to master matching.  I have found that some of my students will memorize file folders and know where pieces go without actually looking.  For others- it's about motivation!  Because of this- I created a bundled product of 22 matching file folders!

All of the file folder's are bright and colorful!  It helps keep students interested.  Here is my transportation folder for one of my boys who LOVES cars and planes.  He loves to work on this activity.

 An obvious favorite….FAST FOOD

I only have pictured above the "picture to picture" matching.  Included in the bundle is also a "text to picture" version to challenge your higher group of students.

I store all of my file folder's in these handy file folder holders.  I love them!

Want to get all 22 file folder's for your students? Click HERE to grab them in my TpT store!

What's Included???
• Fruit Match
• Vegetable Match 
• Dessert Match 
• Color Match
• Community Helpers Match 
• Alphabet Match
• School People Match 
• Schedule Icon Match 
• Farm Animal Match 
• Sea Animal Match
• Insect Match
• Animals Match
• Number Match
• Transportation Match
• Sign Language Match 
• Holiday Match
• Body Parts Match
• Emotions Match
• Hygiene Match
• Clothes Match
• Fast Food Match 
• Sports Match


  1. Where do you keep the pieces they use for the folder game? I have a feeling this will end up being a mess in my class with all of the pieces that can get lost (or sadly taken).

    1. Hello! I have a ton of file folder games in my room as well. What I do, and it looks as though this teacher might also do, is keep the pieces in a ziplock bag. The ziplock has a piece of velcro on it and it velcros to the inside of the folder when finished. This has been pretty successful (requires some adult clean up of loose pieces one a week or so). My class is a k-4 moderate class and the students have learned this routine.