Weekly Visual Schedule- Bulletin Board Set

Schedules Schedules Scheudles.  Yes- they are important.  and YES they are a headache.  I can't live with them, I cannot live without them.  It's kind of one of those love/hate relationships wouldn't you say? 
To ease some of the confusion- I decided to make a week long bulletin board schedule.  I posted it right by my front door when you walk in.  This makes it SUPER easy for staff, students and professionals to all be on the same page.  When we have a field trip, an assembly, a visitor or a party planned students can expect it all week!  I simply printed my weekly schedule pack and laminated each piece.  I then assembled the board and used yarn to make "grids."

The days of the week are laminated on the top.  I just use a dry erase marker to write in the date each week!

The weekly schedule pack comes with 5 minute increments so that you can customize to meet your needs.  The time icons are 3x3.25 inches in size.  The schedule icons are 3x5 inches in size.  The mainstream/special icons are 3x2..25 inches in size.


You can see above how I layered the "specials" icons in next to my daily schedule icons.

Here is an up and close view of the schedule icons!


Now- I know, your going to say that you can't do this with your own schedule.  Or that each student has their own schedule.  My schedule may look simple, but I can assure you that it's much more complex then that.  For example- if you take a look at my work centers icon you may think that all of my students are working for an hour straight.  HAHA, that's not the case!  I utilize my working cards and do work center rotations.  That means that some students are working 1:1 and some are working on computers at this time.  But for the bulletin boards sake- each student is engaged in work centers at this time.

Accommodations that are built in within the day are also not included on the schedule.  For example- one student in my class works 3 minutes for a 1 minute break.  There is NO way I could include this on the schedule- however he is still getting his accommodations.  My point being is that this is the general class schedule- within the class schedule are still several mini schedules to help each student to be successful!

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  1. Nice! I love it, most of my students are in regular classrooms with TAs with small groups coming into our little room for the core, hmmm...still might be able to apply it to the "room schedule". thank you! Paula