April Plans!

Wow- these last few weeks have been such a whirlwind.  I have not had a chance to blog and I'm super sorry!  I cannot believe it is April already.  I wanted to share with you our plans for April!

I love me Peek-a-Boo Where is the Easter Bunny? adapted book.  It's a great way to practice prepositions!  Students love these adapted books and who could resist a cute little bunny?

We also use my April Vocabulary Unit on a daily basis.  My vocabulary unit has 20 words for the month that include the seasonal themes!  This product is a HUGE time filler as it is jam packed with so many fun and interactive activities :)

Who could forget EARTH DAY? Not me!  We will be talking about it and contributing to our school wide effort to make our planet a clean one!  i created this social story to help teach students about the importance of taking care of our environment!


Of course, we do a lot of Easter crafts and activities.  I created these social stories below to help teach my students about the holiday, the importance of it and what it means.  I also wrote a story about Easter Egg Hunts because I know it can be a challenging event for students with social needs.  It's important for students to understand that they do not get ALL of the eggs!




Lastly- I love my new adapted books.  I have a Let's Play Dress Up- Spring Clothes! It's a great interactive activity for students to practice following directions and building seasonal vocabulary!

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to follow my APRIL PINTEREST BOARD.  I find so many cute crafts and activities online from other bloggers.  I am constantly adding to the board throughout the year.  Click below to follow my board!

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