Job Duties in a Special Education Classroom

Teaching independence is our end all goal as special education teachers.  We want to build independent citizens.  How do we do that? Well, we know we do many things every day all day to push our little kiddos towards independence!  But one GREAT thing to add to your classroom routine is to establish classroom jobs.  Classroom jobs help empower students to feel that they are contributing to the success of their own classroom!
I made SUPER simple classroom job visuals that can be printed, laminated and attached to a bulletin board with velcro or magnets.  First things first- attach either pictures or student names to the bulletin board.  I staple these straight into the bulletin board since the names/pictures won't be moving all year!

Then, attach velcro the back of each job icon.  Each week (or whenever your rotate jobs) you can easily pull all of the icons off the wall to allow access for students to pick the jobs.  This is especially helpful if you have any students with physical limitations that can't access the bulletin board or reach the top jobs etc.!

If your interested, you can purchase my already made job title visuals HERE!

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