May Products

OMG! It's MAY already! This school year is simply flying by and I'm barely staying afloat.  Anywho- I wanted to share with you what I have planned for the month of May.  Like usual, I use my vocabulary unit, words and themes to drive instruction for the month.  We also make many crafts using these words!  Click on the image below to see what's all included in my may vocabulary unit!
We use our peek-a-boo books all year long.  My students are obsessed with dogs, so for may we are using these adapted books that are fun about dogs!

Yes, these dogs in the adapted book below are MY puppies.  This is hands down my favorite adapted book I use in my classroom!

I'm sure by now you've learned that social stories are a for sure staple in my classroom.  Of course, I'll be using social stories to explain the following holidays:

OMG…the countdown to the end of the year is officially ON!

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