Mother's Day Activities

Mother's Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my students.  I have some amazing Mommies that go above and beyond to help our students- and I love to pay them back with a special card and gift from the students.  

I found this AMAZING tutorial here about making homemade sugar scrub.  Our parents work so hard and they deserve a little break once in a while.  And a plus is that all the ingredients are safe for eating LOL.  One of my students just dunked his hand in his scrub, ate some and put his fingers back in his scrub before I could finish blinking.  "Made with Love" has the real meaning behind our gifts :)

I am in LOVE with this year's card we made.  My students stay with me for 2-4 years, so I am always reinventing the wheel to send original gifts home and this is my favorite card so far.  We made paper flower masks and did photo shoots.  The kiddo's had so much fun doing it.  We then cut out the pictures to make look like flowers and the kids arranged it into a bouquet.  The poem inside is priceless- I found it on Pinterest somewhere.  Kids either traced/typed or independently wrote it!

Lastly, holidays are confusing.  I wrote a Mother's Day Social Story to introduce the holiday before we started the craft.  I wanted my students to understand why they were making gifts for their wonderful mommys!  Click on the images below to purchase my social story :)



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