"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- FLOOR PLANS!

When you first start thinking about your special education program, the first step to setting up your classroom is getting the physical layout set up.  It’s time to get down and dirty and move those tables, desks and file cabinets until you feel that you have establish a good environment!

Furniture used in my room:
       Teacher’s desk
       A desk/chair for each student (currently 10)
       3 Kidney/large center tables
       small desk for calm down area
       cubbies/lockers/storage for student belongings
       book shelf for library
       Computer table (size depends on how many computers you have if any)

       File Cabinets/Storage Cabinets to block of each section!

       Below are several panoramic pictures taken from different angles in my classroom.  These panoramic pictures are a little "stretched" and make my room look a little distorted.  However, you can get the idea of how I have divided up my room into sections!

Picture taken from corner by the door
 Picture taken from corner by the teacher's desk
 Picture taken from corner by the green table
 Picture taken from corner by the sensory corner
 Picture taken from the white board
 Picture taken from the back of the room

Thanks for stopping by today to learn about setting up your floor plan. Check back tomorrow to learn all about our bulletin boards and how important these visuals can be!


  1. I'm so jealous of all of your space in your classroom! I have about half that size of a room, so it makes it difficult to arrange 10 desks with everything else! I pinned this posting so that I can rethink the arrangement of my room. I like the idea of putting the student desks together in a u-shape.

    Teaching Special Kids

  2. Thanks for sharing! Love your room arrangement!!