"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- Bulletin Boards

Once you have all of your furniture arranged you can start mapping out your wall space.  It’s important to utilize this space to set up interactive boards, visuals and dividers for each center.  Students with special needs THRIVE off visuals, so this stage in setting up your room is crucial!

Here is a diagram of how I utilize my wall space:

Bulletin boards in my room:
Job Titles

Morning Meeting

Interactive Calendar Board

Class daily Schedule

Writing Anchor Charts (Green behind Green Table)

Word Wall (Green behind Green Table)

Math Anchor Charts (Blue behind blue table)

Weekly Visual Class Schedule

Monthly Craft Display

Math/Writing Display (Red behind red table)

Teacher Organization Board

EEEK! I hope you've enjoyed reading about my floor plans and bulletin boards.  Come back tomorrow for Day 1 of a 6 covering my Daily Schedule!

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  1. Wow! Loved all your boards. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing!