Special Education Classroom Daily Schedule- Afternoon Work Centers/Calendar

Our afternoon work centers are exactly the same as they are in the morning, except different work at each station.  Students know the routine, get their working card and rotate between the tables before they earn their reward.  Refer to the curriculum chapter to read more about what we work on at each center!

After the students have earned their free time after work centers, I do a whole group calendarroutine.  During this time, majority of my aides are taking their own lunch.  This means I have one aide and 10 kids to get through the activity!  Because of this, I keep it hands on and engaging to eliminated boredom and runners!.  Calendar skills carry over into many aspects of our daily living.  With that being said, I am sure to differentiate the "traditional" calendar routine so that each kiddo gets the most out of it.  

In the front of my room I have a large calendar set-up on my white board.  The calendar is all laminated and interactive to keep my student's engaged.  All of these pages up on my bulletin board are the individual pages from my Interactive calendar books.  I just mounted them on black construction paper to make them "pop" on my whiteboard.  While utilizing this calendar bulletin board to drive the calendar routine, my students all participate in their own way through individualized calendar materials.  We go through each step together in a strict routine.  I also incorporate TONS of music from various CD's I have collected and songs I have found.. Here are all of the variations I use during my calendar routine!

CalendarBooks:  These books I created are printed, laminated, binded and velcro'd.  During the calendar routine, student's follow along with the rest of the class.  The calendar books mirror the calendar bulletin board in the front of my classroom.  As we cover each page in front of the class, students attach the correct velcro icon to their own book and read the sentence.

CalendarBoards:  I made these simple calendar boards for my lowest students who get frustrated or mess around with velcro pieces!  They are expected to point a long.

CalendarWorksheets:  I have designed two different worksheets to be used during my calendar routine.   One is for circling answers and one is for writing answers with the use of a word bank.

CalendarFile Folder: I created an interactive velcro file folder that can be used during calendar time.  All the velcro pieces are included in the file folder.  Students fill in each sentence frame to follow along with the calendar routine!

Come back tomorrow to learn about my lunch/rest time/afternoon specials routines!

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  1. I really appreciate this series. This upcoming school year will be my first year teaching ever! I have been placed with an autism 1st through 3rd grade class and your program has given me so many ideas and places to start!