Special Education Classroom Daily Schedule- Lunch/Rest Time/Afternoon Specials

Like recess,  I am not with my students during lunch.  It is my chance to eat lunch and enjoy some quiet!  However, lunch is still a huge learning process for my students.  Communication is the main focus during lunch.  Read more about how we implement communication during our lunch routine in our cafeteria in my communication chapter.  Once students are done eating they get to attend recess outside with the rest of their peers. 

After lunch, my students come in and check their schedules for
rest time.  Rest time is similar to our book time after our morning recess.  Students rest while my staff take students to the restroom either individually or in groups.  During rest time, we turn off the lights, turn on a disco ball (YES A DISCO BALL), listen to music and relax.  Students can choose to lay in bean bags, peapods, swings, or with blankets and pillows.  Students can also choose to read a book or play with a puzzle.  Rest time is a great activity to give my students a break and a chance to re-collect themselves before the end of the day.

Our afternoons are a little more flexible.  Our activities change depending on the day.  This year we had whole group OT on Tuesdays which was always a blast.  Monday’s and Thursdays were typically art projects or sensory games.  Fridays were ALWAYS movies!  We work for Fun Friday in my classroom.  In our district, students have minimum days on Wednesdays for staff meetings so my students leave right after lunch.

THank you for joining me on my 6 day journey discussing all there is about my daily schedule!  Tomorrow we will be moving into Chapter 5, Visual Supports!

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  1. Iam really interested in how your students earn fun friday