"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- Communication Day 3

Communicating During Snack Break

I love to facilitate communication during snack.  It is one of the most “desired” times of our school day- so why not turn it into a functional communication activity!  The rule during snack is, “If you want it- ask for it.”  Here are the different methods of communication we use- other than our voice1

Home To School Communication

While teaching communication to your students is important, it is also important to maintain a good school to home communication system.  We want to teach our students to communicate about their day with their parents and vice versa.  Think about creating simple visual communication sheets to help children communicate about their day!  Here are a few samples

Creating the tools and visuals to teach communication is especially vital for those non-verbal students of yours.  But we must also teach basic communication skills to all of our students.  Social etiquette is not something every student understands right away, so teaching typical social skills to your students is expected.  I love to visual social stories to teach communication skills.

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