"How To Set Up a Special Education Program"- Visual Schedules

Schedules!!!  Yes- they are important, and YES they are a headache.  The importance of utilizing visual schedules in a special education classroom is well researched and well proven to be successful.  With that being said, every classroom must utilize a wide range of visual schedules to help their students be successful.  Here is a weekly schedule displayed on a bulletin board. This is great way to allow all students, staff and administrators to understand the sequence of the classrooms day and to provide consistency with the routine for the students.

Here is a close up of the schedule icons along side with push-in and individual specials

The day of the week/date are posted on top

One version of an individual student schedule is a binder schedule.  This is more appropriate for older students transitioning towards independence.  Students can take their schedule with them from class to activities.

Step 1:
Students check their schedule and remove
the first schedule icon

Step 2:
Students place the icon on the “what time is it” spot in their binder
Step 3:
Students place finished schedule icon’s on the “finished” page

Another version of an individual student schedule is wall schedules.  These can vary in style: picture, clip art or words.  Students walk to their schedule, remove the finished schedule icon and place it in the finished pocket, then remove the next schedule icon, and place it on the “what time is it” board.  See the samples below:

Teacher Schedule (Teacher checks throughout the day!)

Thanks for tuning in to learn all about classroom schedules in an autism classroom.  Check back in tomorrow to learn about all of my  other visual supports I use in the classroom!

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  1. Melissa, I have been using a clip art schedule with an all done bin. I will have a more severe class next year and am considering a picture schedule with check schedule slips to facilitate learning to check their schedules. Any advice or thoughts?