"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- Teaching Life Skills

Life Skills takes place during afternoon work centers at the blue table. 

Life skills varies for each child.  Some students are working on counting money while others are working on tying their own shoes.  This center has a wide range of activities all individualized for each child.  This center is almost a “dumping ground” for all the random skills that need to be practiced for each child.  This center focuses on helping students become independent!  One of the largest components not shown here is the time/money curriculum.  I pull from different online resources, other TpT sellers, and curriculum my district has purchased.  I also love the Unique time/money activities each month!

Here are some of the activities I use with my students to practice "life skills."

I am SOOO excited for tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will be discussing the TEACCH Task Box center we do on a daily basis!

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