"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- Organizing Materials

I have LOOTS of monthly goodies.  I store all of my monthly decorations, adapted books, stories, interactive activities and seasonal activities in large tubs.  I label the tubs and store them up high and out of reach.  At the end of each month I can easily pull the tub down and put the old away and take out the new.

I store all of our sensory goodies in a rolling bin in the front of the room.  I have the drawers labeled as: sensory balls, sensory bottles and sensory fidgets.  These are easy to find when needed for a kiddo!

I store all of outside toys and bubbles in a wagon.  This makes it SUPER easy to roll out for recess and outdoor play time.  My students are able to take the wagon out on their own and be independent which is the ultimate goal in everything we do!

I am very lucky to have lockers in my room.  Students store their belongings in their labeled locker every morning!.  They store backpacks, jackets and lunches.

When students come in in the morning they put their homework folders in the homework folder basket.  Each student has a drawer with their name on it where we put work and things that need to go home.  This makes for packing up at the end of the day super easy!

In the second set of drawers I store all of my paperwork that we need often: self-care request, nurse slips, weekly communication sheets, daily communication sheets, health aide forms, behavior data

Tomorrow is the LAST day to discuss classroom organization!  Be sure to come back and check it out :)

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