"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- Additional Visual Supports

Technology is a huge motivator and component of any special education program.  One of the challenges of implementing technology is teaching students to transition away from the preferred activity.  This can send some students into a large tantrum.  By implementing a simple visual you can create a non-verbal prompt to transition the student away from the technology.  It is recommended to pair this visual with a visual timer to help the student understand how much time they have left. 


It is imperative to utilize visuals within your work center routine to provide communication opportunities to your students.  In order to reduce behaviors, allow students the opportunity to communicate their frustration and emotions.  Here is a simple double sided visual that can be placed at each center for quick access.

When you think about your every day routines, its easy to overlook the simple tasks such as lining up.  A simple trick is to add visual spots to the floor to help students learn how to line up properly.  This reduces students pushing to the front or to help them keep hands and feet to themselves

Visuals are imperative in a special education program.  Here are a few more visuals that can be implemented:  Job bulletin board, rules and emotions.

I hope you enjoyed reading about visual supports for 3 days!  Tune in tomorrow to learn all about behavior management!

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