"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- Working Cards/Whole Class Behavior Management

I utilize visual working cards for my students all day!  The simple visual can help a student participate in the classroom routine along with their peers with little to no disruptions.  Depending on the child and their needs will determine how often you token the child to allow them to earn their breaks./preferred item.  The goal should be to reduce the amount of breaks within the day and to allow them to eventually be successful without a working card.


This whole class behaviorsystem was designed to be used for the whole class. It's a great way to incorporate the life skills and behavior management! It can be used class wide and adapted for each student to meet the individual needs. It is a great structured management system that can be used with any child with autism and special education class.

Visit us tomorrow for our last day on behavior management!

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  1. I like the traffic light! I was wondering, do you let the students move back to green with good behavior? If so, how do you record their daily color on the "my week at school" log? Just the color they ended up on at the end of the day? Thanks! Can't wait to use this!