"How To Set Up A Special Education Program"- Voice-O-Meter/First Then Cards/Individual Visuals

This visual was created to provide visual support to students who have
difficulties regulating their volumes and voices throughout the school day.
I also use three  visual flash cards to provide a non-verbal prompt to the students when they are being too noisy! 

I love to use first/then cards.  They are a great visual  to aide students to understand the sequence of their day.  It is also a good motivator for students to “work first/then play”

There are so many visuals that you can find and apply to your students in your classroom.  However, you must always put your students needs first.  Not all visuals are a “one size fits all” model.  With this being said, here are a few examples of individualized behavior visuals that I have created.

One of my favorite behavior management strategies is the use of social stories.  I like to create simple, easy to read stories that address basic behavioral management strategies.

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