What's In My Bin??? OCTOBER

I don't know about you, but September SURE FLEW BY!  I can't believe October is here and I have not had a chance to get my blog post out.  I wanted to share with you some of my goodies for the month to help you guys get organized for this upcoming month.  

Pumpkins are EVERYWHERE! One of my kiddo's said today, "Mrs Finch, no more apples?" LOL, the switch to a new theme can be a touch one!
So what is inside my bin?
(grab these adorable labels for free here)

I use my monthly vocabulary units to drive instruction for the month.  I am big on themes and holidays to keep students engaged and having fun.  Grab my vocabulary unit to use to keep your kids engaged!

My new obsession is binders.  YES, there are never too many binder tasks to keep a kiddo busy.  I have my October basic skills binder set ready to go.  I have 11 binder subjects all focused on apples: matching, sorting, colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, puzzles, letters, numbers, counting 1-10, counting 10-20
Here is a quick video preview of my matching binder set:

Another new center I have in my classroom is my interactive bulletin board center.  Here is a preview of my "apple" center being used.  Pumpkins are starting on Monday!

I have two themes for my October Set!  We are doing Monsters and Pumpkins this month :)
Here are some close ups of the pieces used to complete the Interactive Bulletin Board set for October!

Match It: Letters & Numbers

Build It

Guess It & Answer It


Play It

Matching Letters & Numbers

Answer It & Guess It

Build It

 Play It!

I love to use adapted books to help with reading, comprehension, following directions and build vocabulary.  I have built QUITE the collection of seasonal goodies!  Here are some of my favorites :)

I really like to use social stories to introduce the holidays to my students.  For years i assumed that my students understood what each holiday meant, and all of the components of each holiday.  Halloween can be a tricky holiday because costumes can be scary, trick or treating can be an overwhelming experience, and the overall holiday can be just plain confusing.  Last year I had a kiddo ask, "But why do I have to be somebody else today?" when his mom had him dress up as a doctor.  Poor guy, he was so confused!  Use these simple social stories to help your kids understand and prep for such a fun and exciting day!

Prepositions is a big topic we are always working on.  I use my peek-a-boo series to work on this skill.  My newly updated series features a ghost for October!  The students had a blast with this today!

Also in my bin are some FUN toys!  We have all sorts of goodies, toys and decorations to make the month fun!  

Let's have a GREAT month :)

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  1. I'm not a stalker, but I love you. You're stuff is so great. I'll see if my T.A.'s and I can do something like you're doing. Awesome!!