December Independent Binder Work System

I am obsessed with my new Independent Binder Work System.  I have been so busy creating and prepping I have not had a chance to blog about it yet!! EEEK, and it's already December.  Better late than never?  Lol!  Today I am going to share with you my December set.  

The theme for December is snowmen!  In the December Bundle you get 11 different categories/binder sets.  The subjects are:

I choose to store each subject in it's own binder.  After laminating each page and velcro'ing it takes a one inch binder for each subjects.  So 11 binders in all!

How to assemble?  Well, there's no easy way around it.  BUT, once you are done imagine next year?  You will have whole year's worth of independent work activities for your kiddo's ready to go.  I'm half way done with the year and it is getting SO much easier to do!

I get a lot of questions about storing the binders when they are not being used.  DO NOT BUY 100 binders for the year.  It's simple, re-use the same 11 binders for each month.  Once the month is done, store each binder in a zip baggie and throw it into your storage bin for the month.  Then, next month you can just stick it in the binder super easily.  TIP:  LAMINATE THE BINDER COVERS AND SPINES SO THEY LAST YEAR AFTER YEAR IN THE BAGGIE










You can grab this mega bundle individually each month or you can buy it discounted in the growing bundle that includes EVERY month!

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  1. I love this! I wish you had been around before I retired from teaching!