How to Make an Adapted Book Wall

Every teacher loves an Ikea hack.  We are constantly re-inventing our classroom floorpan to make it best meet our students needs.  For me, my biggest area of struggle was organizing my adapted books in a way that made them accessible yet still out of reach of my kiddo's hand when they were not supposed to be using them.  I also HATE losing the velcro interactive pieces.  This TEACHER HACK solves all of those problems!
Buy some picture ledges from IKEA.  Click here to find the link.  There are different sizes depending on the wall size you have!  I used three because I have SO many adapted books.

Just follow the instructions and drill them into the wall.  I added butcher paper to my board before I drilled in so make it a little "cuter" for my kiddos!

I love these ledges because they are not just "shelves," they have a lip on the edge that keeps the books from sliding off!  You can layer a few books depending how many shelves/books you have!


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