Earth Day!!

Who is ready for Earth Day!? We are :)
We made these cute Earth Mobiles!  The students sponged blue and green on a pre-cut circle.  Then they cut out and glued the words "reduce, reuse and recycle" on each heart.  My students had fun using the whole punch and attaching the string.  ( I guess I should pull out the whole punches more often LOL)


Job Duties in a Special Education Classroom

Teaching independence is our end all goal as special education teachers.  We want to build independent citizens.  How do we do that? Well, we know we do many things every day all day to push our little kiddos towards independence!  But one GREAT thing to add to your classroom routine is to establish classroom jobs.  Classroom jobs help empower students to feel that they are contributing to the success of their own classroom!

Calendar File Folder Activities!

I created a new Calendar File Folder for my students who are not yet able to write to participate along with my calendar routine.  I am LOVING this activity!  The kids are loving it and their participation rate has sky rocketed!

Calm Down Kit- 2nd Edition!

My first Calm Down Kit has quickly become my best selling product.  It's currently the 3rd best selling product for special education on Teacher's Pay Teacher's.  With that being said, I have listened to your requests!  I have created my Calm Down Kit- 2nd Edition!  This product has even more behavioral visual supports to be used in your calm down area.  You DO NOT need my first calm down kit to purchase this one.  Each calm down kit has different visual supports to support your class in two different ways.  If you purchase both calm down kits you can combine all of the materials to make your break area that much more successful :)