Building Vocabulary in March

As any follower of mine knows, I LOVE to use monthly themes to drive instruction.  For years I have been using my vocabulary units to drive themes for the entire month.   The vocabulary unit consists of 20 vocabulary words.  I use these vocabulary words to create art projects, sensory activities, classroom decorations and academic tasks for the month.  Using the same words over the whole month allows students enough practice and routine to master the meaning and spelling!

March focuses on St. Patrick's day and how to set a table!

The vocabulary unit includes 20 words.  There are three different levels of vocabulary flashcards.  The highest level is a "sight word" only format.  The second level is a "picture/text" level.  The third level is a "picture only" flash card.  This allows for super easy differention within your classroom.  I like having all students working on the same list, just at their own level!

Included in the monthly vocabulary unit are a variety of activities.  I included a "refrigerator list copy" that I send home in the beginning of the month.  I expect families to post this list somewhere at their house where it is easily visible for the students.  This helps to build vocabulary development both at home and school.  Also included in the bundle are BINGO game boards and calling pieces.  A bonus to this unit includes a cut and paste set the table worksheet.

A few other worksheets included in this bundle include a weekly spelling list, ABC order, cut and paste, vocabulary matching and my FAVORITE: a coloring work book!

Interested in setting up this vocabulary unit in your classroom?  Check it out in my store here!

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