March Adapted Books

It is no secret that my new obsession this year is adapted books.  I even built a whole adapted book wall to display my obsession!  Click here to build your own adapted book wall!  I have all of my adapted books at the red table where we practice reading.  So what do I put on display?  Let's see!

Peek-A-Boo Where is the Leprechaun? I love to use this book to practice prepositions.  Each month is different and focuses on different vocabulary words.  This month is all about a Leprechaun and St. Patrick's Day.  It's easy to disguise the practice of prepositions in this cute little book!

Understanding St. Patrick's Day Social Story.  I like to use social stories to introduce holidays.  So often students are confused and are challenged on special occasions.  I talk about the traditions and meaning behind the holiday.  Its a simple easy to read book!

I LOVE these adapted books from Mrs. P's Specialties.  She makes seasonal books and I'm just obsessed with these new ones! (I've bought every month so far! And I'm yet to be disappointed!)

I also like to use these adapted books from Speech Room News.  I have bought all of her bundles to build monthly vocabulary.

I store all of my adapted books in my monthly bin when I am done.  I store these babies up on top of my cabinets.  Out of sight, out of least until the next year! Grab these free labels from Teaching Special Thinkers.

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