Sight Word Activities for ALL Learners!

For the past 6 years I have really struggled with sight word practice in my classroom for those students that need more than just "flash cards."  How many times can you read, repeat and drill words.  It can become tedious and quite daunting for our students....which...of course....leads to behaviors.  It can also discourage students and prohibit them from becoming readers.  I've had this idea in the works for quite some time and FINALLY got around to making them.  (shhh....I have a BUNCH more activities coming your way when I find the time).

I have created as sight word system to build fluency in a hands on and affective way for all of your students.  The whole bundle focuses on the Dolch sight word lists.  My products include 315 sight words (pre primer, primer, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade and nouns) broken into 30 lists.  These lists remain constant throughout all of the products and match the data binder for easy assessment!


One of the hardest jobs we face as special education teachers is finding the right balance between prep, planning, teaching and data taking.  I know often times data is put on the back burner when I just don't have the time.  I wanted to create a system that is super easy and ready to go so that either myself or my assistants can take in a moments notice.  Because I know the challenge we face as teachers,  I created a huge 250+ page binder for FREE to help set up your fluency station within your classroom.  I also know that having this binder set up will give you confidence when you go into IEP meeting with data and everything ready to show if needed. 

Within the binder you will find 8 sections:
1.  Sight word lists (by Dolch level)
2.  Sight word lists (by list numbers)
3.  Checklists
4.  Flashcards (lists)
5.  Flashcards (words)
6.  Data sheets
7.  Resources for parents
8.  "Fishing for Words" Student progress system 

I love to have ready to go, re-usable and hands on activities ready for my students.  I created clip it cards for all 315 sight words.  Students can use these in the TEACCH Task box system, 1:1 work or small group instruction.  I love t because it can build independence and build sight word recognition. Each card is labeled by list number for easy organization.

It's no secret I'm File Folder OBSESSED in my classroom.  I love file folders because they are easy to store, re-usable and interactive.  I created 30 file folders to practice matching sight words.  Each file folder includes one list and has clear labels for easy organization.

Another file folder series I created was to build spelling skills.  Like the other file folder set, each folder has one list of words and includes a label for easy organization.  In this series, the words are listed and the student have to use spelling tiles to spell each word correctly next to it.

The next sight word activity I created was designed to build spelling skills for each sight word.  Each sight word has a spelling board and matching spelling tiles.  Each spelling board is labeled by list number with whole punch guides.  Simply store each lists spelling words on a binder ring for easy organization and assessment.

The last task I created is by far my favorite.  I call it "string matching boards" because it is just THAT.  Each list has it's own board of scrambled words.  Students use string or yarn to match the words to one another.  This is a great way to build sight word recognition and build fine motor skills at the same time.

Interested in setting up your own sight word system?

Check out my resources below or grab this bundle at a discounted rate!



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